Monday, March 19, 2012


Guess what? We added a new vehicle to the garage this week! Nope, I'm not driving a new car. I'm pulling a new cart with Lester riding shotgun.

In case you can't tell from the photo, Lester is missing his right front leg. It's been seven years since his amputation due to a mast cell tumor.  He's fine, just getting a little older (he's eleven now) and a lot slower.  Wear and tear has caused early arthritis so our daily walks, which he insists on, have become shorter and shorter. And since Otis, who is only five, needs a lot more exercise, my husband devised this low-to-the-ground cart for Lester. It has a pillow on it and Richard even put his name and a Lotus logo on it!

I drag it behind me until he just decides he's had enough. Then he gets on and rides the rest of the way. It saves me a lot of frustration too. I get really tired of trying to coax him along, until finally, I end up carrying him. That's twenty-two lbs. of Pug! What a load. He has regular stops we must make so his adoring fans can give him lots of love and belly rubs (same thing to him). I just hope he doesn't get so used to it that he jumps on before we get to the end of the driveway!