Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Favorite Part

Finally! I've completed the color bands on The Cranberry Sampler by Needle's Prayse. I love whitework and have been anxious to get  to this part of the sampler. Of course, the prep work for the needleweaving is a little tedious, but I'm on a roll now. I tried to accent that section in the photo with a darker piece of fabric, but it's too early in the process to really show up yet. Be patient.
 The large band above the whitework was a fascinating challenge. Lots of different stitches, including circular trellis, which was a new one for me. It's used in the dark green leaves on the right side motif, if you want a closer look. Like detached buttonhole, it's worked on top of the fabric for the most part. But instead of working back and forth horizontally, it is stitched around the leaf from the outer edge to the center for a very cool effect.
Unfortunately, I'm developing some pretty painful arthritis at the base of my right thumb, so long hours of stitching may be a thing of the past. So I'm trying to take short breaks more often. Then only thing that could truly keep me from stitching is amputation! LOL

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