Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gotta Love Great Service

I almost waited too long to order my frame for The Yellow Rose Sampler! But thanks to email and the amazing service from Tamara and Bob at The Stitches in Time on-line shop I am ready to wrap this baby and give it to Mom! They went out of their way to get it to me quickly since they are at the Celebration of Needlework show in New Hampshire this weekend, but knew I wanted it for Mother's Day. Big thank you to them.

So I'm back to working on the Moroccan sampler. It's been a little slow this week, but I'm still making progress and still loving it. 
I've been busy making laying tools for an order from the on-line needlework show a couple of week ago. Tracey at Threaded Needle Designs distributes my beaded needlework tools and she's kind enough to show them when she does the show. This is just one of the ones I have listed in my Etsy shop. If you love pretty stitching tools, check it out. All my scissor fobs are one of a kind and lots of them have counting pins and/or laying tools to match. And I love to do custom sets too. Just ask!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I love it when I get things done ahead of schedule! Mother's Day is still over two weeks away and the traditional miniature sampler is done...well, stitched. And with a minimum of frogging, which is good because ripping out stitches on 40 count silk gauze is not particularly fun. Hopefully, I won't procrastinate for too long getting a frame.
The "Yellow Rose Sampler" by Threads Through Time is stitched on 40 count silk gauze with one strand of cotton floss. The finished size is 1 5/8" x 2 1/8".

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Breaking My Own Rule

I told you it would happen. I'm just surprised I lasted this long. The Moroccan sampler is resting for a little while. I'd love to keep working on it, but it's time to start this year's edition of the Mother's Day miniature.
Several years ago I stitched a miniature sampler by Nancy Sturgeon of  Threads Thru Time for my mom. She was so delighted that it's become a tradition. (Some of you may remember the duplication fiasco a couple of years ago.)

This year I chose the Yellow Rose Sampler. Each sampler is approximately 1 1/2" x 2" on 40 silk gauze. The colors are the exact ones called for in the chart, but as you can tell, the cover photo is not a true representation of those colors...thank goodness. I was prepared to change them and was pleasantly surprised when I pulled them out.
If you have never stitched on silk gauze it may sound intimidating, but the holes are actually easier to see than fabric. It's more like canvas than fabric. And you work it in tent stitch, which looks like a half stitch on the front. You can tape the gauze to a piece of mat board with an opening big enough to contain the entire design to work it. Or sew it to a piece of fabric as I did and cut away the fabric over the design area so that it can be put in Q Snaps. Since the gauze tends to loosen up in whatever frame you choose, the Q Snap works a little better for me because it's easier to tighten up as you go along.

Hopefully, I'll have this baby whipped out by next weekend! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do I or Don't I? Hmm...

I tend to get really involved in certain sporting events on TV. In fact, my husband warns the pups every fall when college basketball season starts because I tend to yell a lot at the Wolfpack (NCSU). And frankly, I can't even watch the State/Carolina game if I hope to keep my blood pressure in a safe range. The Masters, believe it or not, is another one that gets me all riled up. I'm a big Phil Mickelson fan, but I also love the underdog, so the difficulty of the course and the amazing shots that all of those guys manage to pull of just impresses the heck out of me.

So the dilemma during these events, is whether or not to risk massive frogging if I choose to stitch while watching. I usually risk it because I can't stand to watch TV without something to do. And since Phil's chances of making such a huge comeback today are about as good as a snowball's chance in hell, I'm going for it. Here's where I left off last night when I couldn't focus any longer.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Need Something Else to Stitch?

I should have mentioned this earlier in the year, but Outi of Periphaeria Designs has a SAL going on. The design is her own Star Sampler. She's done several colorways and is encouraging everyone to choose their own. Pretty simple too since there are only two colors of floss. Great way to use one of those funky fabrics that you love, but can't figure out how to make a lot of colors blend.

She just posted the third piece last week, along with some pictures from other participants. There's plenty of time for you to join in. I usually don't start a project until I have all the pieces, but I may have to work on this one soon. So join  in and tell Outi that I sent you!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What a Wonderful Life!

You can't hate having another birthday when something like this shows up in your mailbox! I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends. My friend, Laura, stitched this glorious sampler by Darlene O'Steen (NeedlesPrayse) for my birthday.  It's "The Flower Sampler" done on 40 count linen. Click on it to get a closer look at the amazing stitching.

As you can see, I've been working on my Moroccan sampler. In fact, I haven't posted in over a week because I can't stop stitching long enough to take a picture! I just love watching this piece grow. I will confess to a little frogging, but not enough to make me crazy. So I can't tell you when I'll move on to something else.