Sunday, April 17, 2011

Breaking My Own Rule

I told you it would happen. I'm just surprised I lasted this long. The Moroccan sampler is resting for a little while. I'd love to keep working on it, but it's time to start this year's edition of the Mother's Day miniature.
Several years ago I stitched a miniature sampler by Nancy Sturgeon of  Threads Thru Time for my mom. She was so delighted that it's become a tradition. (Some of you may remember the duplication fiasco a couple of years ago.)

This year I chose the Yellow Rose Sampler. Each sampler is approximately 1 1/2" x 2" on 40 silk gauze. The colors are the exact ones called for in the chart, but as you can tell, the cover photo is not a true representation of those colors...thank goodness. I was prepared to change them and was pleasantly surprised when I pulled them out.
If you have never stitched on silk gauze it may sound intimidating, but the holes are actually easier to see than fabric. It's more like canvas than fabric. And you work it in tent stitch, which looks like a half stitch on the front. You can tape the gauze to a piece of mat board with an opening big enough to contain the entire design to work it. Or sew it to a piece of fabric as I did and cut away the fabric over the design area so that it can be put in Q Snaps. Since the gauze tends to loosen up in whatever frame you choose, the Q Snap works a little better for me because it's easier to tighten up as you go along.

Hopefully, I'll have this baby whipped out by next weekend! 


  1. It looks lovely already! Can't wait to see it when it's done!

  2. What a smart idea for working with it!

  3. Your Moroccan Sampler is stunning. I bet it's hard to take a break from it. You WIP is cute. I love 40 count gauze. Your mom is going to love her gift!

  4. I am loving your Moroccan Sampler ! It is so beautiful. Your stitching is fabulous. Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to see the finished design. Charlie