Monday, March 14, 2011

Ready to Move On!

I just love it when a sampler seems to almost stitch itself! "Hetty Child 1842" by Brenda Keyes is DONE!

Hetty Child went so quickly, I'm ready to indulge myself in a BIG project now. So I've chosen a Moroccan sampler by Ute Scheer-Studio for Historical Samplers,  inspired by a photo from a Victoria & Albert Museum catalog. The model was stitched on 35 count natural linen in a cream floss (finished size 11" x 24"). I'll probably do something similar although when I think of Morocco, I think brilliant color. So I think I'll do a little research and see if I can come up with something culturally representative.


  1. Love your Hetty Child finish! Really nice! But that next project you've picked out is a monster. But it's beautiful and I can't wait to see what color you come up with to stitch it in.

  2. Fabulous finish!

    BTW: Middle Eastern artwork is brilliant in color and tends to use blues and yellows quite a bit. Cobalt blue is a very common color. I recently finished my MA on the Islamic Middle East during the Medieval period (8th-12th centuries) and part of my research was the artwork of this period. Here is the link to my Thesis blog:

    And yes, Morocco falls into the Middle East mainly because of the spread of Islam across North Africa into Spain (or Andalusia). Hope this helps you decide on your colors and I look forward to seeing your progress on the new piece!!!

  3. Love Hetty~~~ I have it in my basket to stitch up and if you say it all but stitches itself, I believe you!!! The Morocco piece is just stunning and I can see you stitching this one..what a showcase design!! Take care my friend, Faye

  4. Hetty is a great finish. I really love the Morocco piece. I cannot wait to see the colors you pick and your progress. Enjoy!!