Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It Pays to have lots of WIPs

Rule No. 68: Always have a WIP for backup. (See Rule No. 67)

I was making great progress on "Pigalle" until I came to a spot where the Black Raspberry Jam GAST was called for. It looks very blah and I will once again be making some adjustments. Hence, the implementation of Rule No. 68.

Now, most of you know I'm a one-project-at-a-time girl and working on multiple projects makes my brain hurts. Well, either all of you right-brained stitchers with big piles of WIPs are sending those brain waves my way or menopause is really screwing me up. It occurred to me a couple of years ago that my unusual bouts of indecision might be hormonally induced, but now I'm convinced.

Anyway... I have put "Pigalle" down until I can come up with an acceptable substitute for Black Raspberry Jam. I've been working on SoHRH the last couple of nights and have made reasonable strides forward. And my brain is not taxed by all that creative stuff like color blending, contrast, etc. This is one of those things that makes you appreciate those geniuses that designs needlework. It's a lot of hard work.


  1. Lovely progress on SoHRH! I have all of those patterns on my wish list and hope to one day buy them and actually stitch them!

    I was always a one project at a time type of person too and just in the last few months, I have found myself starting multiple things! I think I have four or five in my bag right now!

    Now that I think about it, my head is hurting too! I guess I should get off of the computer and go throw in some stitches to try and finish something up!

  2. Both of your pieces are looking great! There is something to be said about having another piece ready to work on if you get stuck on another. Stuff like that makes my brain hurt too - I always anguish about exactly what to replace a fiber with. Hope you find a good replacement soon.

  3. Have you not slept here lately??? OMG!~ You are making the best progress on BOTH of them!~~ SEEEEEE you CAN muli-task!!! Keep up the great work....Faye

  4. Maybe a deeper red or a violet color would work in place of the Black Raspberry Jam???

  5. For me with handmade jewelry i run into a lot of WIPS- because "I don't have the color of beads i want to go with these" or i run out clasps or what-have-you. So I'll either move onto a different piece like earrings or put creation to the side and do my blog or network or surf.

    If you'd like to see the jewelry I have finished and listed, check out my shop!

    I am now following your blog.
    If you'd like to follow me back...

  6. Wow! Pigalle looks fabulous! That motif is lovely, and oddly makes me want to eat grape jam...