Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Love the Playoffs!

During the NFL playoffs you can pretty much depend on some good games which translates to lots of stitching time. Each game this weekend involves a team I like (or love...Go Colts!) so I'm making massive progress.

Yesterday was Pigalle day. When I compare the pics from Thursday, it doesn't look like I've done as much as I thought, until you look closely at all the little individual stitches added for detail. I'm really happy with my color choices, finally. It may not have the same visual effect as the originals, but I love the cool blue tones so much more. And that's what counts right? Plus I'm having so much fun. Obligatory stitching or stitching on a deadline can diminish the enjoyment of the process sometimes, even if you like what you are stitching. So I'm especially happy to be working on two projects that I really love and am stitching just for that reason.

Speaking of two is SoHRH day. As soon as I do something productive like Swiffer up Lester hair (man, that dog sheds!), I'm spending the afternoon watching the Vikings smash the Cowboys. The evening will hopefully bring the Chargers beating the Jets. If you're a fan of either Dallas or NY, don't send me hate mail. Us old farts have to stick together and Bret (at 40 yrs. old) is amazing. And Philip Rivers is a NCSU alum. Say no more.


  1. Yes, I like your choices, and you're right, it's what you like best that matters! I'll be watching and stitching along with you!

  2. Pigalle is looking fabulous! I'll be watching and stitching, too, but since I just moved to Arlington, TX this year, I'm going to root for the Cowboys. Don't hate me! Hope you get lots done on Shores.

  3. Your piece is looking great!

    I am rooting for the Vikings right now - only because my Packers have packed up for the season and I still love the way Brett plays (he's easy on the eyes!) even if he's not in green!

  4. Pienelle is looking fantastic. I love the playoffs too. Keeps the boys occupied so they don't care what I'm up too - stitching, quilting, whatever. Best time of the year!

  5. Keep a stitching and of course, YES, go Philip Rivers, NCSU alums, we have to stick together!! We are down here shagging at the MidWinter SOS at the, shag and stitch for me!!!! Have a good one and dont do much on Shores....I am NEVER going to catch up with you!~~ Faye

  6. I love the playoffs too, and, being a Philadelphia Eagle fan, I always want to see either Dallas or NY (Giants) beaten!

    The stitching is lovely Tommye!