Friday, January 29, 2010

I Wish I Could Stitch All Day

Who knew that working on two projects at once could be so fun? I finished block 3 of SoHRH Wed night.

So I returned to Pigalle. After a little frog stitching (and swearing) I decided that even though I love working with the various overdyed flosses that I chose for this piece I really need to do a lot the navy ground work stitching. It makes it a lot easier to fill in the fun colors. (Translation: less frog stitching.) I'm still anxious about how my color changes will work, but so far I am very pleased.

I'm having so much fun with it I don't want to do anything else. But apparently I should. My shoulder is sore...couldn't be too much stitching, could it? My house is a wreck. I have about two dozen new items for the Etsy shop that I need to photograph and list. And Lester is nagging me to go for a walk. So I'm off to brave the cold and the wind. At least I know I'll have several hours tonight to stitch.


  1. Congratulations on finishing Block #3. It looks great. I think that block was my favorite block out of the ones I stitches (only on Block 6). And your Pignelle looks wonderful - beautiful colors. Hope the frog stays away - your approach for the future sounds like a good one - and that you can get some more time in tonight!!

  2. Oh, your progress looks great!
    I wish I could stitch all day, every day too.....
    looks like we are getting an ice storm so I will have some time for extra stitching.


  3. Wow!! What gorgeous projects. How do you manage to decide which to work on!? I've never seen Pignelle, it's lovely! Shores is such a fun design. Lovely work.

  4. Don't worry - stitch to your heart's content!
    Hope that shoulder feels better though.