Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Quiet Time Means More Time to Stitch

I think there is a very small light at the end of the tunnel...no wait, that's my Dazor ready and waiting for me to finish all those Queen stitches in the border!
But if you've been watching, you'll see that I've made significant progress in recent days.  Geometric motifs are so much quicker because I can memorize the pattern. So I don't have to spend as much time looking at the chart and figuring out where I am.  Plus doing an entire row of eyelets is easier than doing them one at a time in some kind of pattern.  I stitch the top half all the way across the row and the bottom half on the return trip.  That method also makes the eyelets themselves more consistently balanced.  I don't have to worry that one side is bigger/tighter than the other, thus creating a lopsided eyelet.  For some reason, when I stitch a complete eyelet, one side always ends up bigger than the other.
My friend, Donna, who owns my LNS, Angelwing Needlearts, called me the other day to tell me that Darlene O'Steen, of The Needles Prayse, had been in the shop that day.  Apparently, Darlene and Chris are looking at property down in our area.  Donna forgot to mention that I am working on one of my all-time favorite samplers, Virtue Outshines the Stars.  I'm sure Darlene would get a kick out of know that I've finally gotten around to it. LOL  I really wish I had been working that day.  I haven't seen Darlene in years and would love to visit for a few minutes.  I can only hope that she'll stop by another time.  

On the needlework bling front, I had a request for 200 purple stitch markers for a 'knitting event' in mid-August.  What a great opportunity to show my wares to some enthusiastic knitters.  Each participant will get one in their kit! Thanks so much to Jen at WoolGirl.  Here's a sampling.

 Stop by TJBdesigns for a look at all my stitching accessories. You can never have enough stitch BLING!


  1. Virtue is coming along nicely! So pretty!! Wouldn't it be a kick to have Darlene in your area?! She might end up in your weekly stitch group!!! Cute stitch markers too. You did a really good job with making them different! Laura

  2. Darlene AND carolinastitcher at your shop within mere days apart!?? Goodness~~. Lol... The sampler is stunning, to say the least.... Thanks for the eyelet tip... I'll give it a try next time I'm eyeletting!!! I think you can definitely see a glimmer of that light at the end of the tunnel! Nice job as always.... Faye

  3. Virtue is looking stunning, great progress. I do straight lines of eyelets the same way.

    Love all the stitchmarkers :) What a thrill to have Darlene in your shop!