Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'll Be Your Honey Bee

Well, the visitors come and go and I'm back in my nest.  I took a short break from Virtue last week to stitch this little piece for my husband for our 31st anniversary! Happy Annivesary!
 "June's Honeysuckle" by Cottage Garden Samplings

And now I'm back on Virtue.  For those of you waiting on the color conversion that I'm using, be glad I postponed giving it to you.  I've had to make a couple of adjustments for the symbols that were originally blended needles.  Since I'm working this on 36 count, I'm only using one strand of Splendor, so no blended needles for me!  But, never fear, I will post the list as soon as I'm sure about it.

I'm currently working on a big wholesale order of stitch markers for a knitting 'event' in Oregon.  Every single one has at least one purple bead included!


  1. "June's Honeysuckle" is so pretty! Virtue is great too. Enjoyed your lovely photos of your needlework.

  2. Lookin good.!!!!! Sorry I missed you today.... Was hoping to surprise you... My friend from Shalotte called last minute so I ended up at AngelWings for some charms and a TJB needle threader....

    Maybe next time.....

  3. The sampler is lovely and I love your colors! Beautiful!

  4. Cute finish on honeysuckle, happy anniversary!

    Virtue is looking gorgeous, great progress

  5. Your sampler is just lovely! What a nice piece you stitched for your anniversary too - hope it was a good one!