Saturday, January 12, 2013

Busy As a Little Bee

I was under the mistaken impression that things would calm down after the holidays were over. WRONG! I feel like I'm spinning head over heels in the dryer.  We're almost two weeks into the new year and it's already flying by.  The good new is I've been a stitchin' fool.

I finished the Starlight Sampler by Little House Needlework for my friend, Nancy, who is moving away in less than two weeks. Boohoo. Our stitching group will just not be the same without her.
The piece is pinned and ready to go in the frame on Monday.  Next Wednesday will be our last stitch group with her, but you can be sure we'll be calling her and keeping track of all her fabulous stitching.

I also subscribed to the Ornament of the Month from Stitching The Night Away.  January's chart is a snowflake.  The fabric and floss are the stitcher's choice. I stitched mine with Treasure Braid PB10 from Rainbow Gallery on 36 count Phantom linen from Picture this Plus.  I had a nice little piece left over from when I stitched Cotillion from Papillon Creations.
Then, in an optimistic effort to finish Margret Gatis by Scarlet Letter, I joined Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year.  If you search my blog you will find that the last time I posted a picture of MG was a year ago. That's pitiful.  The over three stitching is driving me nuts, but I will persevere. I'm too stubborn not to.  So I picked it up last night and suffered through some more satin stitch in some really annoying shapes.

Now you may ask why I'm posting about all this when I just told you that I was going to stitch Virtue Outshines the Stars. Well, I must admit that the only reason I picked up MG is because I'm waiting on fabric for VOtS.  Believe me, I'd be on it like ants at a picnic if that fabric was in my bag!  So who knows what I'll post next! Stay tuned.

But right now I must go work on a custom order scissor fob!  I love doing custom work.


  1. Your stitching progress makes me a tad bit jealous over here... I've barely stitched half my snowflake this week.

    1. It was a great little finish between big projects, Loretta!

  2. Love the little snowflake! The fabric is beautiful.

  3. Glad to see you're back to work on Margie! If it gets to the point that you hate her, you know you can always give her to me for my birthday!!!

  4. The dark linen is stunning but It is so hard to stitch on.

    Well done on your finishes.