Monday, December 10, 2012

Stitching for Friends

Well, I think I'm going to make it.  Christmas stitching is completed! I even managed to get ornies done even though I was sure that wasn't even within the realm of possibility. Okay, so I stitched some really easy ones, but the 30+ year streak is unbroken! More importantly, I won't be disowned.  Those pics are forthcoming.

The other stitching deadline was my stitch group Christmas party.  Last Wednesday night we had dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant with our favorite waiter and yummy food and drink.  The best part was, of course, the sharing of stories and laughs with my extended family.  I try to make something for them every year.  I've made scissor fobs (which is what started my Etsy shop), beaded needlecases, needlebooks... This year I made pin pillows. 

You've seen a few of them as I was working on them, but here's the whole bunch. All Periwinkle Promises Designs and so fun to stitch. Although I have to admit, making those itsy bitsy tassels, was slight aggravating. They make the tassels on my scissor fobs look gargantuan!

Rumor has it that at least a couple of them won't be used, just displayed. I guess that's their prerogative, but a few pins aren't going to hurt anything.  But I hope they're enjoyed in any case.

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