Saturday, May 28, 2011

So Much FUN!

The last couple of weeks have been a perfect illustration of how I use stitching as therapy. My husband's bike had a structural failure and tossed him over the handle bars. Fortunately, he didn't land on his head. Unfortunately, he suffered a pretty serious foot injury. In my haste to pick him up and high tail it over to the ER, I neglected to grab my stitching bag. I never go anywhere that might involve waiting without my stitching bag! Apparently, I am not very clearheaded during an emergency. But on this particular Sunday morning our small town hospital ER was not very busy and we were only there about four hours. But since that little lapse in thinking, I've taken every opportunity to get some stitching done...when I'm not doing all the little things around the house that he usually does. Not gonna take him for granted ever again!

One of the nurses casually mentioned that she'd broken her arm once and she thought she'd rather have a broken foot. Obviously, she's never been on crutches before. Hellooooo, broken arm --> one hand out of commission; broken foot --> one leg and two hands out of commission unless you're sitting down. So carrying anything is pretty tough unless it fits in your pocket.

While my sweet husband was in surgery (this is NOT the fun part I'm referring to) having his horribly broken and dislocated foot repaired, I was stitching away on the Star Sampler SAL. I'm all caught up and waiting for Part 5! Actually, if I really wanted to I could continue working the border since I memorized it about fifty repeats ago!

But I decided to start "Cotillion" by Papillon instead. This is the fun part! I absolutely love the linen from Picture This Plus. The color is "Phantom" and it is a dark navy with a lot of plum splashed around. There's also a tad of a blue-green in there too. It's fabulous with the Dinky Dyes silk used in the pattern. I haven't gotten far, but it's beautiful and I probably won't be able to put it down until it's done.


  1. So sorry to hear about your husbands injury. I hope he's doing better. My husband is a cyclist too and it can be pretty dangerous. Your WIPS look like they're a lot of fun!

  2. Sorry to hear about your husband. Scary. Happened to me once but no broken bones, just a lot of ugly brusies and some stitches...the wrong kind of stitches. Hope he is feeling better soon. Funny, trip to the ER or surgical waiting room always includes a pocket full of change for the machines and stitching. We want what comforts us I guess.
    PS Your work looks great as always.

  3. Owww! Hope your hubby is doing better. I bet he loves the attention though! Very pretty stitching.

  4. I hope your husband is getting better and I love all colours you are using in those 2 lovely pieces.

  5. Ouch, best wishes to the cyclist! I suppose a broken foot for a stitcher means stitching time! But agree on the getting around part of it.
    Can I come *shopping* with you next time, Tommye? Love your colour choices for the Star and you would make me braver in choosing fabric colours, lol!