Saturday, January 15, 2011

Time Management

You thought this was going to be some New Year's resolution thing, didn't you. Nope. It's all about stitching.  This week I've managed to find time to do some real stitching...not that ornaments are real stitching, but I love working on big samplers. And I have really enjoyed work on "Margret Gatis 1711".  She definitely falls into that category. All the over two parts of this current band are done.
The center motif is over three and that's what I'll be working on for the rest of the weekend, I'm sure. Then I'll probably put it down and start on something else. "WHAT!?", you say. I know, I'm a one-at-a-time girl. Well, since MG is for me and it's huge, I'm considering each band a separate project. Clever how I justified that, huh?

I managed to do a little, very little, housekeeping and now I'm off to watch football and stitch!

And in the category of 'TJBdesigns Shameless Plugs', drop in at Great Finds and vote for my red heart bookmark! CLUE: It's in the center almost halfway down and the poll is on the left. Feel free to ooh and aah over all the fabulous things Anne selected for this week's poll. There are some amazingly talented people out there!


  1. Love the project you're working. I'm always working on large piece's too. I love them, but they do take a long time to finish.

  2. The more I see this sampler the more I like it! Oh dear!

  3. Yes, you should each band as a project in itself!! This baby is gygormous!!! ygg....I am in love with this design...I'm with you...the ornies are fillers to what I am really all about....those LARGER pieces!! Nice job, Faye

  4. in everything that we do, home chores, school, work etc...time management is always will every single day productive =)

    nice work BTW, my wife loves stitching

  5. Oooh. I have Margret in my stash. You may tempt me to pull her out! Then again, I may just admire yours. :-)