Monday, December 13, 2010

Handmade Ornaments from Some of My Friends

Not only do I stitch ornaments, I BUY handmade ornaments! I just love them. Here are three that I bought this year from some wonderful artisans on Etsy. And all of them are hanging on my tree this year! Treat yourself to some too. You can't go wrong with handmade!

The stained glass Moravian star is from LAGlass . I was particularly thrilled to find these because I am Moravian and this is a traditional Christmas symbol of our Christian denomination.

The precious quilted ice skate ornament is made by TheQuiltedHouse. She has lovely quilted items including more skates and stocking ornaments.

The gorgeous fabric pine cone ornament is just one of several colors created by WhimsicalWinston. And I know from personal experience that all of them are stunning! Not that I'm giving away any secrets or anything.

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  1. I just love the stained glass ornament...thanks for sharing.