Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stitching Friends are the BEST!

Today's show-and-tell includes some amazing stitched pieces that I received this year for my birthday. Now don't get excited and send me all sorts of birthday wishes because it was six months ago! I'm just now getting around to framing these beauties. I want to share them with you and since you can't all stop by my house to ooh and aah over them, these pictures will have to do. (Plus I won't have to check your pockets when you leave.)

MG 1838 is a reproduction by Wild Heart Designs. My friend, Laura, is an amazing stitcher and everything she does is just perfect. I have examples of her work all over my walls! 

And my friend, Karen, who apparently requires only about three hours of sleep a night, stitched this precious little sampler for me. Her stitching is perfect...I'm repeating myself, but it's true.

I am truly blessed to know these ladies.