Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Official!

Yes, hang a banner. It's official. I'm old.

Today we adopted a 3 year old Pug named Otis. I met him last December when he was rescued last  from life in a basement that included 2 trips a day outside. The lovely lady from my town that took him in knew that she was not equipped to care for such an active young dog long term. Her husband is in failing health and she, herself, does not get around easily. So even though he was in a loving home with another dog and a cat to play with there was no exercise for Otis. And if you know anything about pugs, they are pretty active dogs, especially when they are young, and need daily exercise to avoid weight gain...kinda like me. He has gained a few pounds since December. But he's sooooo cute! And sooooo happy.

Now Lester, the WonderPug is ten. His amputation at age 4 has probably aged him a little quicker than normal, but he is young at heart. He's been an only child for almost 18 months. I haven't noticed extreme grieving, but I have wondered if he missed having another dog around. So we have been contemplating adopting another dog for a little while.  As much as I love puppies, I decided I am not prepared to take on the training involved. 

So now we get to the explanation for the banner. OMG! Otis arrived about 11:00 a.m. It is now 8:00 p.m. This is the first time he has closed his eyes since he got here and he's been laying in the same spot for 7 minutes...a record for the day. He has played with every dog toy in the house, including some I haven't seen out of the toy box in at least five years! He's faster than lightening going up the stairs, something else I haven't seen in at least five years. I am exhausted! Maybe a puppy that sleeps three hours out of every four would have been easier.

Otis is adapting amazingly well. He has not whined (except when he couldn't get a toy out of the bottom of the box). He hasn't had a single accident in the house. He and Lester seem to get along.  Lester has been the alpha dog since he was about a year old. Earl deferred to him even though Earl was 2 years older. Molly, the Yorkie, Otis has been living with is also an alpha dog, which is pretty funny when you try to picture it. Anyway, this hierarchy is apparently not going to be a problem for either Lester or Otis. Lester doesn't like to run on the hard wood floors much anymore...kinda slippery for a 3 legged dog, but he played with Otis some today and showed no aggression. Dinner went smoothly. And now, both are down for the count...I hope.

I'm sure you'll hear more about Otis and Lester in the days to come. 


  1. What a cute pup! I am sure Lester feels especially loved with another dog around again.

  2. What a wonderful story. I love them both. It's so great that you could take him in. Otis sounds like a great addition and I'm sure Lester the WonderPug loves the company too. I'm so happy for all you especially Otis that he's found such a loving home.

  3. Congrats on your newest family member! And Lester is lovely too :-)

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