Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How many stitching projects do you take when you go on vacation?  Even when I'm only going for a long weekend at my Mom's, I usually pack three or four.  It seems silly since I generally only work on one piece until it's done.  But you never know when you might be stuck somewhere for weeks with massive amounts of free time.  It's never actually happened to me, but I want to be prepared, just in case.

I keep thinking I should interrupt Virtue Outshines the Stars and start on some Christmas ornies or a birthday gift, but I'm having such a good time that I just can't do it. Things have been really busy at TJBdesigns, so, despite my good intentions, I'm still not finding much time to stitch during the day.  Most of my stitching is done while watching TV in the evenings.
When I get tired of Queen stitches, I abandon the border for  a while and work on the 'innards'. 
Maybe I'll have something new to show soon, but don't count on it.  The big stuff on Virtue is coming up next.


  1. You are on big roll with Virtues..... Go with it!!!!

  2. It looks great! And pack that bag tight. Since I strained my back I've only been out of the house once so we may REALLY be staying in all week!!! Laura

  3. Looking good! I generally take way more than I need. I'm afraid I'm going to HAVE to work on something else. I'd rather take more than not enough for sure!

  4. merveilleux !!! very beautiful
    bisous from FRANCE

  5. I do a lot of my stitching in the evening too :) I normally just pack one or two projects when going on holiday, but I suppose it depends on where you go.
    Best wishes.

  6. Virtues is looking gorgeous, great progress

    Before I had children I was the same about packing loads of projects for holidays, of course now I don't get that much more stitching time than usual, I just take my current project