Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Fine Finish

This is my idea of drama! No temper tantrums, no diva behavior, just a glorious red and black sampler.
It will be on loan to my LNS for a while. 

And here's the beautiful piece I got from my friend, Karen, for my birthday. I just got it framed yesterday. 

I'm working on a beautiful sampler by a local designer, Pam Lamonica, of Lamonica Designs. It's the Adkin-Ruark House Sampler. You can buy it here.
This house is next door to another historic house that my parents owned and refurbished several years ago. Author Robert Ruark, Capt. Adkins grandson, spent much of his boyhood here with his grandfather.


  1. Way to go, Tommye! That's a gorgeous sampler. I like the Sheltering Tree piece, too. Is that a JBW?

  2. Beautiful sampler! Love the red and black color combinations. You've chosen a perfect frame for this beauty!

  3. Who is the black and white designer?? I LOVE BAPs!! Yours is just gorgeous!

    Debbie in Kansas

  4. Fabulous work, New to your site, Now #FF your site xo Happy 4th of july!