Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Fun Finish

Obviously, I've been stitching rather than blogging.  "The Christmas Quilt" by Emie Bishop is done. I laid it on a dark green fabric for the photo so that the hardanger would show up a little better. It was a fun piece to do, except for the cross stitch part. Too much confetti stitching for my taste. Next time I run into something like this I'll take my friend, Laura's, advice and use an overdyed green and an overdyed red and call it good.  The back is a mess and I really hate that.
 So, I decided to work on my Star Sampler SAL by  Periphaeria Designs this weekend while visiting my mom. It's an easy project to work on in the car and doesn't require massive concentration. That's the kind of project I like when I'm not in my 'nest'. 


  1. Very pretty finish! You say the back is a mess, but you'd never know from the front!!

    Love the colors in your WIP!!

  2. Gorgeous! Who cares what the back looks like - if they're looking - shame on them!

  3. I love the Christmas piece. Marion Scoular said in a class: "American's spend too much time worrying about their back side." No one will see it once the piece is framed. I also love the colors in your WIP.

  4. I like the threads you are using on the Star Sampler. What is it? Yay for finishes. :)