Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall is Here!

The weather in southeastern NC has finally cooled off a bit. Yes, we had a week of rain, but frankly, I welcomed it. It allowed me to get some stitching done without feeling guilty for not being outside. I have to rationalize stitching during the day, you know.  Plus we were 16 inches behind in annual rainfall. Although we really didn't need to get it all back in 3 days!  Fortunately, living on sand means it drains pretty quickly.

I know I have neglected my blog lately. But I have been stitching. I've been doing semi small projects, not to be confused with the eternal, hopefully soon to be done Shores of Hawk Run Hollow!

I finished "Acorn Hill" and it will be on it's way to someone soon.
 And I picked up this little gem from La D Da just because.  Sometimes you have to do that to reestablish your love of stitching. Not that I ever quit loving to stitch, but there are so many projects I feel I have to do that working on something just for the heck of it is a nice break.